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  • 3 - 4 months
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React-Js Course In Noida

Do you know? React-JS is one of the trending javascript libraries which is used by applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more. It is faster and efficient. This ReactJS course by our experienced professionals focuses on a solid understanding of concepts from level 0 to professional level.

If you are creative and ambitious, this field is for you. Join us now to explore this field of opportunities.

Get project-based understanding and assessment tests after every level. In today's scenario, react-js is one of the most powerful JavaScript front-end libraries having a strong foundation and a large community.

Prerequisites for the course.

  • HTML-5
  • CSS-3
  • Basic understanding of javascript.

Course Duration:

  • 3-4 months
  • **Weekend Batches also available
  • Minimum Eligibility (Minimum Higher Secondary (X))
  • Class timings 2 hrs. (Multiple Batches available every day between timings 8 Am to 8 PM)
  • Fastrack Course Option 3 months
  • Batch starts on Admissions going on

Minimum Eligibility

Minimum Higher Secondary (X) (Students Can Join This Course After 10th Class)

Fastrack Course Option (3 Months Short Term Career Course.)

Batch starts on (Admission Going On)

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Course Content

  • Lecture: 01
    DOM & Virtual DOM
  • Lecture: 02
    Javascript ES6
  • Lecture: 03
    NPM and node
  • Lecture: 04
    React JS environment setup
  • Lecture: 05
    Creating first react app
  • Lecture: 05
    Application directory structure.
  • Lecture: 05
    React components
  • Lecture: 05
    React JSX
  • Lecture: 05
    React State
  • Lecture: 05
    React Props
  • Lecture: 05
    React Router
  • Lecture: 05
    React CSS
  • Lecture: 05
    React bootstrap
  • Lecture: 05
    React Hooks
  • Lecture: 05
    React Redux

Why React JS is a hot career option ?

React is a JavaScript library that enables developers to quickly and efficiently build interactive and dynamic user interfaces with minimal amount of coding. Working with react makes our life as a developer easier, its simplicity and its modular infrastructure makes it simpler to use.We can build and maintain our applications much faster. We love it, and you will love it as well!! It's must for the developers to build any scalable and easy to maintain web applications with react js. React JS is opensource and easy front-end library. And that's why many big companies are looking to build things with React. And so, they are hiring a lot of React developers in today's scenario. Companies are saving a lot of money, because their developers are much more comfortable and efficient by working with ReactJS compared to any other technology on the front-end. Therefore, it is one of the hottest skills on the market for developers.

After the completion of the React JS Course there are huge opportunities available for you in IT Sector.